& Pricing



Cryo Local Treatment: $35.00 Multiple Same-Day Treatments (after 1st at $35): go to $27.50 each Cryo Facial — “Frotox”: $35

Red light

Red Light Local Treatment: $35 Red Light Facial: $45, $65 with additional mask

Fire and ice treatment (red light and cryo together)

Fire and Ice Local Treatment: $62.50 Fire and Ice Facial: $72.50

Localized individual spot treatment packages:

5 Treatments: $150 10 Treatments: $250 20 Treatments: $400

Recovery and relaxation therapy

$30 for 30-Minute Session

Group Pricing

Facials with friends

(Min 3 people) Each person will receive a Fire and Ice Facial for $58 per person.

Private parties

We would be happy to design a party to your needs along with light appetizers, drinks, and a retail discount for the night of the event. After hours only. Please call for pricing. 630-408-4373

All veterans, emergency workers and students

Receive treatment discount of 20% off. Regenerate Boutique will be giving a charitable donation in that amount with each individual service to our charity of choice. Not to be used with other offers or group packages.

Athlete package — cryotherapy localized

Treatment for a group. 3–5 people: $30 each. 6–8: $25 each. 9 people or more: $20 each.

Walk-ins are welcome